Kino Maurice

How To Screen?

In true open-mic style, filmmakers simply register, bring along their films on the night and take the stage to present their work. There is no pre-selection but Flimonik Melbourne does ask you to play nice, take note of the Filmonik sins below and register your film before the night.

The 7 deadly(ish) sins of filmonik Melbourne:

1. Competition (not allowed)
2. Length (should be under 5 mins)
3. Logo (filmonik logo should be at end of film) – Download
4. Old Films (films should be screened first at Kino)
5. Format (should be dvds or .mov files)
6. Home Videos/ Cat Videos (see YouTube)
7. Wrath (not allowed).


Have no fear of the sins? Ready to take the plunge and find your audience?
Register your films now at – include your name, your film’s title, the running length and your screening format in the e-mail.
Remember that nighttime is only a certain length. Registrations to screen will happen on a first come, first serve basis.